Fall beauty

I have come to appreciate how beautiful our fall is in Canada. Sure the temperature is cooler and we have a number of rainy days, but being a photographer has helped me appreciate the beauty around us, especially the fall colours in Canada.

Living in Canada, it is easy to take the beauty of our fall colours for granted. But living in Europe for a number of years has given me a greater appreciation for what we have right here. When the weather permits, I take every opportunity to go for a walk in wooded areas to see the colours change.

I have also been lucky enough to do a few family shoots with our fall colours as background. It certainly is a great time of year for family photos.

Fall Regattas conclude CORK events for 2021

I was back on the water for the last two weekends to cover the Fall Regattas at CORK in Kingston. As much fun as it was to cover the Laser classes in the summer, the September Regattas gave me the chance to cover some other fleets such as the 505, Skiffs (29ers, 49ers, FX), the 420s and more Optimists.

There were some restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic which resulted in fewer participants, especially international participants. But after not being able to host regattas in 2020, it was a great success to be able to host the 2021 regattas. A great thank you to the organizers and all the volunteers that make CORK possible. Looking forward to 2022 on the water.

Fun on the water at CORK Kingston

It’s been great to get back on the water at CORK (Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston) in the last couple weeks. There were no CORK regattas last year due to COVID-19. The regattas have now taken a different shape, with fewer competitors at the same time due to restrictions, but it was nice to see some action at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour again.

First week of placement at Frontenac News

Our classes ended last week with a portfolio review of our work of the last two years. I’m happy with my current portfolio but of course, it is always a work in progress.

I have now started a placement at Frontenac News. It is a small community paper that publishes a newsprint once a week but it is also present as an online publication at

My first article was on the significant upgrades being done at the Frontenac Community Arena. The renovations and upgrades were well due as the building was built in the 1970’s. But the result should be well worth the wait.

Check out the article on their website or in my Tearsheet tab on the website. I’m working on the next couple articles for Frontenac News so stay tuned for more.

GODFREY, Ont. (29/03/2021) – Tim Laprade, the Arena & Recreation Supervisor for the Township of South Frontenac, is surveying the progress being made to the work being done at the Frontenac Community Arena. It is currently undergoing significant infrastructure improvements. It was built nearly 50 years ago and was in dire need of update. The renovations are expected to be completed by the end of June, well ahead of its re-opening in September. In addition to the needed improvements to the refrigeration system, users will be able to enjoy many upgrades that will improve their experience. Photo by Daniel Geleyn

A year of COVID-19

March 2021 marks the one year anniversary of when our lives changed due to the ongoing pandemic. With more immunizations being administered, we definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel but we cannot let our guards down now, not after all this.

The other half of our photojournalism class published their last Pioneer yesterday. They had the excellent idea to commemorate the one year of COVID-19 with a story called “A look back at COVID” which included a number of pictures taken throughout the year. I was glad to have four of my images as part of that picture story.

Two of those images were published earlier but the other two, which represent the earlier part of that year, were never published so here they are below. It is certainly interesting to look back as to what we have gone through in the last year, while imagining easier times ahead.

The day the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic, 11 March 2020, Loyalist College was holding its Career Fair at the school gym. Little did we know at the time that just two days later the college would essentially be closed for in-class learning for the next year. Photo by Daniel Geleyn
On March 31, 2020, many people were working or attending school from home. Daniel Geleyn from Kingston, Ont., a photojournalism student at Loyalist College took advantage of videoconferencing technology to attend online classes with his fellow students. The new rules resulted in many classes moving online. Photo by Daniel Geleyn