Along with photography and writing, multimedia is the third skill we learn as visual storyteller. Here is a small sample of some of my work.

The Musician. My first video production as part of the Loyalist Photojournalism program. The subject, Brucklian Cuellar was one of our classmates.

Learning through robotics. This video explores how a group of students develop skills and interests by building robots and taking part in competitions with these robots. The focus of the story is on Olivia O’Driscoll, a 15 year old Grade 10 student from Leahurst College in Kingston, who founded a FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, Robotics Competition team with a friend.

Through Adversity To The Stars. This video has been produced to support International Women’s Day 2021 in the Quinte area of Ontario. It highlights the challenges faced by a woman (Captain Erin Pratt) who chose to be a pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces. Pratt discusses how she has overcome the challenges of reaching her goal to be a pilot. She also provides advice for young women and men alike on how to achieve their goals. Finally, she explains what International Women’s Day means for her.

Through Adversity To The Stars for Social Media. This video is an edited down version of the video above (Through Adversity to the Stars) made specifically for social media. As such, it has been edited to less than one minute and in a square format.

Business gives back to the community. Heather Dawson realized her dream of owning a fabric store at the end of Feb. 2020 and then the pandemic hit but she managed to turn things around by supporting the community.

Published in Feb. 4 Pioneer.