My first “Photojournalism Pioneer” as the editor

As part of our photojournalism program at Loyalist College, we get to help produce The Pioneer, which is completely done by the photojournalism students with the help of our teachers/staff. As this is our last semester, we are asked to take on a more active role in publishing The Pioneer and this week, I had the task to be the editor as well as contributing some of the articles and images.

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Last semester of photojournalism at Loyalist

Here we go, my last semester in the photojournalism program at Loyalist College started this week. Yesterday was our first assignment of the semester where we had to go out in the community and capture an image of a small business owner, outside in front of their business and wearing a mask. These restrictions were given to us to make sure that we are well within the provincial guidelines imposed by the pandemic but also to more closely represent the current reality. My submission below is of a very friendly and positive David Dossett, owner of Martello Alley, a small shop in downtown Kingston that sells local art.

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New Year’s Reflections of a new Photojournalist

Unlike my other posts, I have no image to go with this post but I thought it was important to provide some of my reflections, as a new (still in school) photojournalist, on the new year just starting.

In the last two weeks, a number of events have caused me to pause and reflect on my new chosen profession of photojournalism. Even though I initially chose this new career as a way to develop my love of photography, I have discovered the rewards of communicating stories and news to bring light to issues.

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