Another “Pioneer” under our belt

Another Loyalist Photojournalism Pioneer was published today and I was glad to have my contributions included. I provided two stories and one additional image for family day for this edition.

The first story is of great interest to Kingston residents as it relates to the third crossing across the Cataraqui River. This bridge has been discussed for the last 50 years and it is now finally becoming reality, thanks to shared funding at the three levels of government. It is a significant infrastructure project for the city and it is progressing well despite the current pandemic. Read more about it in the Pioneer.

The third crossing bridge in Kingston viewed from the east side of the Cataraqui river. Photo by Daniel Geleyn

My second story, also important for Kingston as it is about a distinguished institution, was more personal for me as it is about my Alma Mater, the Royal Military College of Canada, or RMC. Like everyone else, RMC had to adapt to the reality of the pandemic but it also had to deal with another crisis in the form of a cyber attack this past year. Read more about this in the Pioneer.

Officer-Cadet Drew DeBruin, a third year student at RMC, leads Navy Cadet Yuki Kwan, second year, and officer cadets William Lee and Darian Mayer, both first year, to lower the flags at exactly 5 p.m. Despite the fact that the campus is almost empty, with only 84 students living on campus as opposed to the normal population of 1200, those that are there carry out the essential military duties such as raising and lowering the flags each day. Photo by Daniel Geleyn

I hope you enjoy this edition.

Click to access february18thphotojournalismpioneer.pdf

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