Successful third term at Loyalist, despite the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that all our classes have been online this semester. With the exception of a few classes in multimedia, we have been able to complete all classes and assignments through online learning. The biggest challenge was to find stories we could cover. With many regions of Ontario imposing significant restrictions on gathering, it proved difficult to find events to cover. Even the ones we can always count on, like Remembrance Day ceremonies, were difficult to find and cover.

Despite this, we have been able to garner the essential skills of photojournalism by covering issues of general interest or that are directly related to the current pandemic. In my case, I was happy to produce a story on “The changing face of veterans”, on “The volunteers of food insecurity”, and on a short video about a successful female pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force which will be used for International Women’s Day in March 2021, among others.

We are thankful for the dedication and flexibility demonstrated by our instructional staff at Loyalist. As they say “The show must go on”.

KINGSTON, Ont. (08/11/2020) – Malcolm Holt was born in Birmingham, UK in 1932. Although he was too young to serve in the military during WWII, he lived it in his home town where he and his family would have to hide in a homebuilt shelter during night bombing raids. He was called for military service in 1953 and proudly served for two years in the Royal Air Force. By the end of the 1950’s, Holt was married and moved to Kingston, Ontario after meeting a Canadian from Kingston on his honeymoon. Holt still lives in Kingston with his wife Jane and he is a proud member of the 416 Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association. He has now been a member for 41 years. Photo by Daniel Geleyn
KINGSTON, Ont. (08/11/2020) – Malcolm Holt shows a picture of him as a young boy in front of their homebuilt shelter behind their house in Birmingham, UK. Holt was too young to serve in the military during WWII but he lived it in his home town. Photo by Daniel Geleyn
KINGSTON, Ont., (09-10-2020) – Paul Elsley, the president of the Kingston Rotary Club, started the Isthmus program which normally provides bags of groceries to needy children in schools on Fridays. Due to the closure of the schools in March because of the pandemic, Elsley decided to continue his program by delivering the food directly to the homes of families. Photo by Daniel Geleyn
TRENTON, Ont. (29/10/2020) – Captain Erin Pratt, a 424 Search and Rescue Squadron helicopter pilot from 8 Wing Trenton, stands in front of her helicopter. Her goal from a young age was to become a pilot and she accomplished this through hard work and perseverance. Her advice to young women is to never, ever give up and to surround yourself with a positive support group. “International Women’s Day means that people have led the way for me and in order to honour what they have done for me, it’s on me to continue to lead the way for the next group of people,” she says. Photo by Daniel Geleyn

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